Baba is Hint: A Spoiler-Free Guide - Mountaintop

Rules you should know

To get here, you need to have cleared the Volcanic Cavern (and all the worlds necessary to open that one). I won’t assume you’ve cleared more than that but you should know all the rules so far, including:

  • All (Chasm A, C)

  • More (Chasm B, D, and F)

  • Word (Chasm Extras 01-04)


Well, it’s the only one left.

Well, it’s the only one left.

It’s also the smallest world.

It’s also the smallest world.

Here it is, the final world of the main game. There are only 9 levels total, and you need to complete 6 to clear it. It only teaches one new concept - Lonely.

I’d say clear whichever levels you can. If you solve a couple levels you’ll know enough about Lonely to get through the endgame.

Remember that hints are invisible until the text is highlighted. Bold text discusses the rules. Italic text discusses all objects of the named type. Regular text discusses the actual instances. Text “in quotes” refers to the actual text in the level.

Stuck elsewhere? Navigate using the following pictures:

Mountain 01: Shuffle

Map 10-1.jpg

Difficulty: *
About the Level

  • New material: connecting word Lonely

How does Lonely function in a sentence? Try escaping the pen. What happens? Where exactly does this go wrong? What does that tell you about Lonely?


Gentle Nudge: What makes something Lonely?

Specific Hint: Defeat requires two objects to overlap.

Mountain 02: Love At First Sight

Difficulty: **
About the Level

  • New material: noun Bird

It should be obvious what the Bird is.


Gentle Nudge: This level is built to trick you into making an assumption on how it will end. What is that assumption the game is tricking you into?

Bigger Nudge: You will never get love across the Ice.

Specific Hint: You'll need to change the win condition.

Mountain 03: Solitude

Map 10-3.jpg

Difficulty: ***

Gentle Nudge: Which is more likely, getting the Key to the Box or getting the Box to the Key? Which one is always Push and which one is only Push sometimes?

Bigger Nudge: If something is Push only when it is Lonely, you can walk past it in the hallway.

Specific Hint: You'll need to create a rule across the Skull.

Mountain 04: What Is Baba?

Map 10-4.jpg

Difficulty: **

Gentle Nudge: Lonely Text will never leave the pen. In fact, no text at all should leave the pen.

Bigger Nudge: You get one chance to change Baba's movement - make sure it's in the right spot.

Specific Hint: If you could just make Baba is You, this level will be easy.

Mountain 05: Connector

Map 10-5.jpg

Difficulty: ****
About the Level

  • New material: noun Sun


Gentle Nudge: You first need to get "Sun" out from the Rubble.

Bigger Nudge: What rules do you need to get rid of the Sun?

Specific Hint #1: You need to make Sun is Shut at the same time as Baba is You. What will that look like.

Specific Hint #2: To create both rules at once, you'll need Baba's help.

Mountain 06: Floaty Platforms

Map 10-6.jpg

Difficulty: **
About the Level

The way this level is designed, it’s easy to imagine you’re on platforms suspended in air, and if you walk off the Tile, you’re falling to your death. That’s what it looks like, but that’s not what’s really happening. Sure, that assumption won’t prevent you from solving this puzzle, but it will come back to bite you in another level.


Gentle Nudge: How many spaces do you need to fill to get both Babas to the lower platforms? How many spaces are between the left and right sides?

Bigger Nudge: How many pieces you do have on the top half (not including the two Babas)?

Another Big Nudge: Remember that Key is Push and Door is Push.

Mountain 07: Seeking Acceptance

Difficulty: *****
About the Level

  • New-ish material: Rubble

We’ve seen Rubble in the other levels, but this is the first time it has an attached rule.


Gentle Nudge: Getting out of the starting area requires that one piece of Text be pushed against the far right Wall. Is it still possible to use every single piece of Text?

Bigger Nudge: Why do you suppose there's two columns of tile - a left side and a right side?

Another Big Nudge: Could there possibly be another use for the Bird aside from breaking up Lonely Baba is Tile?

Specific Hint: Somehow you need the Bird to move you around the level.

Mountain 08: Tectonic Movements

Map 10-8.jpg

Difficulty: ****
About the Level

I’m just here to tell you this level feels like something out of Chip’s Challenge.


Gentle Nudge: There are four entrances into that central area from the start. Each has one use. What order will you use them?

Bigger Nudge: Look at the room with "Flag." How will you approach and leave this room?

Speicific Hint: You need to set up both Pillars in front of specific entrances/exits, break up Pillar is Push, do something, then recreate Pillar is Push.

Mountain Extra 1: The Floatiest Platforms

Map 10-Ex1.jpg

Difficulty: *****
About the Level

Remember Mountain 06? Remember how I told you not to make an assumption about it? That’s because the assumption will prevent you from realizing the solution to this level.


Gentle Nudge: What exactly has changed from Mountain 06 to this level? Make sure you catch every change.

Bigger Nudge: Even if somehow you could make Door is Push, your solution to this level is still impossible in Mountain 06.

Another Big Nudge: You don't die because Baba steps off the platform. You die because Baba is Lonely.

Specific Hint: Make Baba not Lonely and this level is a cakewalk. What can Baba overlap with that will make free movement possible?

World Complete

That’s the final world of the main game. If this is your seventh world cleared, you’ll unlock the final gate to the top area of the overworld. It’s not necessary to go there to finish the game, but chances are, if you’ve gotten this far, you’ve already finished the final level and you’re looking for endgame content. Make sure you have at least gone to every single world so far and learned all the rules before attempting to find the endgame. If you’ve been following this guide so far, you are ready. The next post will detail the normal ending and the normal solutions to the rest of the overworld, but after that I’ll get into the endgame.

In the meantime, do these hints work? Anything spoil too much? Do the hints actually help or are they too vague? Maybe you thought of a really good hint yourself? Send them to me. (Don’t comment them below.) You can find me @keyofw on Twitter or keyofw on Reddit. DM me anytime.