Baba is Hint: A Spoiler-Free Guide - Normal Ending

Rules you should know

Well, if you’ve been following this guide you should know all rules, including:

  • Lonely

However, to get to the normal ending, you really only need to know rules up through Deep Forest. To get to Overworld Levels 08-10, you only need to have cleared seven worlds, but I don’t recommend going there unless you’ve done all of them, at least enough to learn all the rules.

Back to the Overworld

This is the world map with all ten regular worlds completed. Level 08 leads to endgame content.

This is the world map with all ten regular worlds completed. Level 08 leads to endgame content.

As soon as you clear seven worlds, then you unlock the final levels of the overworld. These levels are special. You have to complete them normally and also do something else. In this post I will just cover the normal ways to solve these levels. For hints on how to access the endgame, you’ll have to go to the next post.

The final level has been available since clearing your third world. You didn’t likely solve it right away but if you’ve unlocked the endgame areas you probably have, or at least you’re close.

Remember that hints are invisible until the text is highlighted. Bold text discusses the rules. Italic text discusses all objects of the named type. Regular text discusses the actual instances. Text “in quotes” refers to the actual text in the level.

Stuck elsewhere? Navigate using the following pictures:

Level 08: Slideshow

Difficulty: *
About the Level

  • New material: noun Level

This one isn’t hard at all but it is annoying, all due to Level is Move. Isn’t that interesting, how a property can apply to the entire level?


Gentle Nudge: When does the Level move? Does Level is Move affect in any way the steps you take to win this level?

Level 09: Fragile Existence

Difficulty: ****
About the Level

There’s a bit of a gimmick with this level. You may stumble upon this gimmick accidentally and come to the conclusion that the level is meant for the gimmick and is unsolvable normally. If you want to finish the game 100%, you need to solve this level in the normal way. (I don’t want to say much more in this post since it could spoil the endgame material.)


Gentle Nudge: It would sure be nice if the Walls weren't there. What properties can be added to Level?

Bigger Nudge: First, get rid of the Door. Is there any way to make something both You and Hot?

Specific Hint: First things first, move Baba is You upwards to make some room.

Level 10: Hostile Environment

Difficulty: *****
About the Level

As in the previous level, there is a special gimmick, but in this post I only want to focus on the regular solution.


Gentle Nudge: If Level is Defeat, will both Keke and Baba be destroyed?

Bigger Nudge: If somehow you lose Baba, is there a way to bring him back?

Specific Hint: You need something which is not You to create Level is Defeat, and then that thing needs to bring You back. Is there something you could place under the hallway with "Defeat"?

Finale: A Way Out???

Map 0-Final.jpg

Difficulty: *****
About the Level

This level was changed to patch out an unintended solution. Previously, you could finish without using every property in the level, but now you need to use everything. Also, to get 100%, this level needs to be cleared normally. But, to finish the game with the normal ending, you need to clear it a bit differently.


Gentle Nudge: What rule needs to exist to allow you into the room with "End"? Where will the pieces to make that rule come from?

Bigger Nudge: You will have to use all three pieces of Ice.

Another Big Nudge: Keke will have to be Move eventually, but where will she move? In the left side pen or the right? Keke will only be in one or the other.

Specific Hint: Your first step needs to be to break up Belt is Shift, and one of your final steps will involve recreating that rule.

Game Complete!

If you win “A Way Out” you just get the little spore telling you the level is solved. You need to do this to 100% the game, but to get the normal ending you need to complete “A Way Out?” some other way. But that’s just the normal ending. If you want to see everything, you need to find the endgame. From here on out you’ll have to navigate with the next and previous links below (or just google the page you need/guess the url).

In the meantime, do these hints work? Anything spoil too much? Do the hints actually help or are they too vague? Maybe you thought of a really good hint yourself? Send them to me. (Don’t comment them below.) You can find me @keyofw on Twitter or keyofw on Reddit. DM me anytime.