Baba is Hint: a Spoiler-free Guide - Temple Ruins

Rules you should know

With each successive post, I will assume you have learned the rules necessary to get to this point, but I’ll post the most recent rules here. I won’t assume you’ve fully completed any world, but to get to the Ruins, you’ll need to have cleared both The Lake and Solitary Island, and know especially the following rules:

  • Float (Island 01 through 05): In particular you should know how objects with Float interact with those that don’t have Float.

  • Not only can you manipulate the actual Text, but you can see the noun “Text” which can be used in rules such as Text is Float!

  • Move (Island 06 and 09 at least)

Temple Ruins

This is my least favorite world. There I said it.

This is my least favorite world. There I said it.

Thankfully it’s a small one.

Thankfully it’s a small one.

Go up after Solitary Island to get to the Ruins. Save the Forest for later.

You have to clear 6 of the 10 levels in the Ruins, so most of them. Luckily, there are at least 6 easy ones. I recommend completing every level but 08 and the extra one for now. The extra level in particular is crazy hard for this point in the game. Actually, it’s pretty hard for any point in the game.

The first level in this world teaches Weak. The rest of the levels teach Has.

Remember that hints are invisible until the text is highlighted. Bold text discusses the rules. Italic text discusses all objects of the named type. Regular text discusses the actual instances. Text “in quotes” refers to the actual text in the level.

Stuck elsewhere? Navigate using the following pictures:

Ruins 01: Fragility

Map 3-1.jpg

Description: *
About the Level

  • New material: property Weak

Walk Baba to the right. What happens eventually? On what tile does it happen? How about if you walk Baba down instead? What happens this time? What conclusion can you draw about Weak?


Gentle Nudge: Which takes precedence, Weak or Defeat?

Ruins 02: Tunnel Vision

Map 3-2.jpg

Description: *
About the Level

  • New material: connecting word Has

Baba is running to his death. Instead of trying to stop her, let her go. What happens when Baba reaches the Water? What does this tell you about the word Has?


Gentle Nudge: You can't save Baba.

Bigger Nudge: But you can make a brand new Baba!

Ruins 03: A Present For You

Description: **
About the Level

When it comes to figuring out which rules are adjustable and which aren’t, be careful not to jump to conclusions too quickly. The rules Flag is Win, Box has Flag, and Wall is Stop are definitely untouchable. How about the rest?


Gentle Nudge: You have to destroy that Box, but it starts out indestructible. What rule would fix this?

Bigger Nudge: Love is not going to cross Water - not at first.

Specific Hint: The Box and Love are going to need to switch properties, pretty much.

Ruins 04: Unreachable Shores

Description: **
About the Level

Yes, you could probably do something to the rules Flag is Win, Wall is Stop, and Water is Sink, but if you’re already on that side why not just win the level?


Gentle Nudge: Think back to your solution to Ruins 02. Was there something interesting about it you can replicate here?

Bigger Nudge: There are a lot of rules about Love, but if you ever see an instance of Love, you've already lost the level.

Specific Hint: You need to set up something like your solution to Ruins 02, but have the "switching" be automated.

Ruins 05: But Where’s the Key?

Description: ***

Gentle Nudge: Work backwards. The Door is stopping you from reaching the Flag. How will you open this Door?

Bigger Nudge: Are you imagining Key is You? If so, is there a way to move the Key into the Door without losing your only You?

Another Big Nudge: You have access to two "Box" words. Does that help you do anything in particular?

Specific Hint: Once you've figured that out, work backwards and do that activity multiple times in this level.

Ruins 06: Love is Out There

Map 3-6.jpg

Description: ***
About the Level

This is one of many levels in which you’re trapped in a pen of sorts. There is no real trick to the level - all you have to do is find a way out of the pen with the words you’re given. You don’t need to find a way to change any of the rules or objects outside.


Gentle Nudge: It's easy to see you need something like Box has Key. But you only have one Box and you need to open two Doors.

Bigger Nudge: Is there a way to get two objects out of one?

Specific Hint: You'll need that Box is Weak rule, plus Box has Key, and one other rule to be active all at the same time.

Ruins 07: Perilous Gang

Map 3-7.jpg

Description: ***
About the Level

This one look like some of the previous, where you’re trapped in a pen. But you’re not - only Wall is Stop. This should tell you that there is something to the rules outside this pen you need to work with.


Gentle Nudge: As usual, you have been given the exact number of objects you need and no more.

Bigger Nudge: If you're trying to break up Skull is Defeat, you'll never escape your prison.

Ruins 08: Double Moat

Map 3-8.jpg

Description: ****
About the Level

Puzzles with Move tend to feel more complicated than they are because they require you to be thinking a few steps ahead. Sometimes the positioning required is very precise. That is why this level may seem very tricky the first time you get here, but later in the game, after you’ve solved some more Move puzzles, it won’t be tricky at all.


Basic Hint: Making Keke is You will not work.

How to cross the first river: Baba is never going to cross this one.

Getting through the Door: You know Keke will open the Door, but unless Keke does something else, you'll end up with Baba stuck on the wrong side of the Water.

How to cross the second river #1: The fact this river is only one tile wide is important, and allows for a solution that doesn't work with a river two tiles wide.

How to cross the second river #2: For this level, is there a difference between Keke is Move and Baba is Move?

Ruins 09: Walls of Gold

Map 3-9.jpg

Description: *
About the Level

For being the last numbered level in this world, it is remarkably simple.


Gentle Nudge: First, get past the Walls.

Bigger Nudge: Baba will never overlap with Wall, Rock, or Ice.

Ruins Extra 1: Further Fields

Description: *****
About the Level

For an otherwise easy world, this level is ridiculously hard - even for the endgame.

Apparently there is an alternate solution to this level. Personally, I find it harder to pull off than the original solution, but I’ll include a hint for it anyway.


Gentle Nudge: You will never change the rules on the right side of the stage, even if you were to get You over there. Work around them.

Bigger Nudge: If there is no You, does everything else in the level stop?

Specific Hint: You need to get Keke across the Grass somehow, but it will never happen if Keke is You.

Alternate Solution (provided by Reddit user zygoloid): What if the rule Keke is You were spelled out horizontally.

World Complete!

After clearing this world, a lot of places open up! It’s likely this is your third cleared world, which will unlock the gate at the south of the overworld. Behind that gate is the final level in the game. If you want, you can navigate to that post, but that level is probably way too hard for you at this point.

Aside from that, you should see five new places appear, two of which are locked behind more gates. The open areas look to be a garden to the west, a forest to the east, and the rocketship to the northeast. You can pretty much go to any of those open worlds, but I recommend not doing that until going to Forest of Fall to the south, which you unlocked after finishing Solitary Island. The concepts in Forest of Fall are vital to know before going further.

In the meantime, do these hints work? Anything spoil too much? Do the hints actually help or are they too vague? Maybe you thought of a really good hint yourself? Send them to me. (Don’t comment them below.) You can find me @keyofw on Twitter or keyofw on Reddit. DM me anytime.