A Pretentious Review of Quern: Undying Thoughts

I don’t normally write reviews on this site, but I recently played Quern: Undying Thoughts and I had some thoughts of my own. I wasn’t even aware of this game until I got it in a Steam recommendation and it seems to have flown under the radar. That’s too bad because it’s a really good game. Having said that, I’m going to dedicate this entire post to nitpicking. Naturally, I will be spoiling this game in its entirety. I will do my best to not reveal puzzle solutions, but everything else is fair game. And because Quern is heavily inspired by the Myst series I will be using those games as comparisons in a few places, so I’ll be spoiling the stories for those, too. If you haven’t played Quern, I recommend you go buy it and play it now. If you haven’t played Myst and don’t want the ending spoiled, you had 26 years to catch that train.

Alright, that’s enough of a warning. Whatever spoilers you see from this point are on you.

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Why I'm Now Pro-Choice

I am now pro-choice. The following post is meant to show why I have made up my mind in that area. This is not a scientific journal or anything and I am not looking to prove via a mountain of evidence why you should be pro-choice. I only seek to provide more than enough evidence than was adequate to convince me personally. If you need more evidence, it’s readily available to you. Although, if I may be frank, the type of person who requires encyclopedia-sized books of evidence to believe my position is likely to only require a Ben Shapiro tweet from 2014 to “prove” the pro-life position. If you think the following post is not enough evidence, but you freely believe in the pro-life movement without examining it yourself, your objections to the pro-choice position are irrational.

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