Let's Talk About Brett Kavanaugh

So, about that hearing…

I don’t want to recap what happened too much. This is just going to be some quick thoughts on what went down, not a point-by-point thing. Apologies if the writing here isn’t super concise or… uh, good.

About False Accusations

Okay, so I’ve said in a previous blog my own problems with just believing women, right? When it comes to he-said-she-said, I tend to side with the accused based on my own personal experiences. But not here, not with Brett. Why?

1: Ford is a believable witness. She presented herself well at the hearing and gave no indication of lying. In fact, there is no credible evidence at all that she’s being anything but 100% truthful. That’s not all, though.

2: Ford had no reason to lie about sexual assault. She first admitted to the incident back in 2012 to her therapist. So if her plan was to conduct a smear campaign against Kavanaugh, it’s quite the forward-thinking smear! She had to, six years ago, decide to invent a story about Kavanaugh in case Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump ran for president two years ago. Not only that, but Trump had to win. Then, Trump had to nominate Kavanaugh for the supreme court. It’s so mind-bogglingly crazy that only someone incredibly stupid could believe it. Hence, why the GOP thinks she’s conducting a smear campaign.

3: And finally, Brett’s response doesn’t help. His actions at the hearing don’t pass the smell test. From all appearances, he’s the aggressor and Ford is the victim. If the intent was to clear his name, he did a bad job.

So, if all we had was a he-said-she-said, I’d lean toward the accused like 55%-45%. But since there is no evidence helping Brett and a lot of evidence helping Ford… I’m 100% with Ford. Absolutely no hesitation.

About Brett Being A Whiny Manchild

Dear Lord, how do I begin this one?

That was an unhinged man. Totally unhinged. Kavanaugh is totally unfit for being my Uber driver, let alone serving on the highest court in the USA.

It’s not even about the sexual assault anymore. I believe it happened, for sure - but even if Kavanaugh had proved he never did it… he’s still unqualified. This hearing showed that he’s a petulant, whiny, always-aggrieved little baby. That’s not the type of person who should be allowed anywhere near a position of power.

Let’s pretend for a second that Kavanaugh really is innocent. In that case, what we witnessed was a case where one witness presented a bald-faced lie with nothing other than her own tesitmony intended to smear his “good name.” And Kavanaugh lost his shit. I don’t care if you think he had a right to be angry - he wasn’t angry, he was unhinged. If Kavanaugh can be brought to the point of manbaby tears and screeching when one person presents only testimonial evidence about one incident and he knows he’s innocent, how will he behave when presented with, you know, actually tough cases?

What a fucking loser. What a fucking whiny holier-than-thou loser. Fuck, he’s such a baby.

I’m sure there are other stupid white guys online who will urge us all to consider the evidence and not the behavior of Ford and Kavanaugh. To that I say, “shut the fuck up, you complete moron.” Kavanaugh’s character was at the center of this hearing - his character and Ford’s. After all, we’re dealing mostly with testimonial evidence, so character matters. Kavanaugh had evidence against him from multiple sources that said he was a beligerent drunk, so when his actions play right into that accusation, how could any sane person not start to believe those accusations? Anyone watching who was on the fence would see this “honorable” man’s behavior and, even if they weren’t completely turned against him there, they would certainly have the seeds of doubt planted in their heads. Ford presented her testimony fairly and calmly despite claiming to have suffered real sexual assault; Kavanaugh yelled and whined and even pushed back against other senators simply because one person said he did one thing decades ago.

There is no reason to be on this man’s side, unless there’s something very, very wrong with you. Something sinister… and on that note,

About the GOP strategy

Let’s talk about demonic possession for a second.

No, seriously.

When I was younger, I wondered why we didn’t have any cases of people claiming to be possessed by demons, when people in the past thought it happened all the time. The typical response from the oh-so-smart skeptic crowd would say it’s because demons aren’t real and people in the past were stupid. Maybe. But then I thought, what if demonic possession is real? In that case, what reason could we have to explain away the dearth of exorcism cases?

Now I’d like to point out before we all get carried away - I’m not coming down on either side of this debate right now. But if we imagine demonic possession is possible, how does it happen? When I was younger, the Christian belief (at least in my circles) was that you had to really be “messing with” spiritual and demonic forces and invite a demon to live in you. So, you had to already believe in demons to be attacked by them. This worldview held that Satan and demons were always working to subvert God’s will and harm men and women, but demonic possession was rare because it required the person being harmed to believe in the spiritual forces behind it and accept those forces. Satan and the demons didn’t bother going on the full attack against people who held no beliefs in the spiritual; such an attack would give away their existence.

I don’t choose to compare the GOP to demons accidentally, by the way. However, if this comparison bothers you, think of it like a thief who has broken into your house when you are not home. You return before the thief has made his escape and so he hides in the darkness. The thief will not attempt to kill you so long as you don’t notice he’s there - he just wants to get your things and get out. But if you turn on the light, if you see him and try to stop him, he has no incentive now to hide, so he will attack.

We’ve turned the light on today. The GOP had spent many years speaking softly and authoritatively because their misdeeds were still in darkness. But when Kavanaugh began his testimony, there was no way for him or the GOP to deny the truth. They do not care about women. They do not care about sexual assault. They only care about power. It’s been that way for a long time, but it became clear today. (Yeah, it’s been clear to most people for years, but today might be the first time everyone knows, even the people who refuse to admit it.) Because that truth was known to the whole world, it was no longer prudent to behave. At this point their only strategy is to attack and hope they overpower everyone else. That’s why Kavanaugh yelled and cried. That’s why Lindsey Graham did his best angry-old-man dance. That’s why the GOP stands by their man. Once the thief has been seen, he cannot hide again - the homeowner knows he’s still in the house, so he must fight. Once the demons have been uncovered, why bother pretending they don’t exist?