The Official Keyofw 2018 Retrospective

Oh shit I forgot to do the self-congratulatory post around Christmas like everyone else.

Basically I want to look at my purely material accomplishments for the year 2018 and start looking forward to 2019. If you don’t mind the self-indulgence, of course.


I got to work with ACT Theatre on “Ride The Cyclone.” Probably my favorite show of the year. One of the few that, even after three months of the run, I didn’t get bored on. Some of the sweetest cast and crew to work with, too.

Also got to work with Taproot theatre for “Sweet Land.” Had to brush off the ol’ guitar for that one, and also learn how to play accordion. Add those to the resume, I guess. It was something different, and I always love shows that do something different.

Then, in September (already the fall and only three shows in - the contracts were mostly long ones this year), I played with Showtunes’ “Legally Blonde.” I didn’t even know Showtunes was an organization, but apparently they’ve been around for years and always do concert versions of musicals. The shows they do are either under-represented or produced in such a way they’d never be done in the “real world” of Broadway. For example, this production of Legally Blonde starred a black Elle, which you’re probably not going to see in the usual production.

Finally, I music directed the KIDSTAGE version of “Freaky Friday.” It’s a totally brand-new show by Brian Yorkey and Tom Kitt, the genius duo behind “Next to Normal.” Well, this show was produced by Disney, so their usual style was a bit tempered for the kids. Still, it had never been done outside of the original run, so there was nothing to fall back on when it came to learning the material.

Hire me plz

Music What I Wrote

At the beginning of the year I finished a video game project - relax, it was mostly educational for me so you won’t see it on Steam or anything - and the soundtrack consisted of retro-soundfont baroque music. Twelve two-or-three-voice pieces, each in a differen minor key and based on a different baroque dance or prelude form. I think the music is more successful than the game itself. You can buy it on this website. GIVE ME YOUR MONEY. Or, if you prefer to listen to the retro-soWWundfont style, here’s the soundtrack on YouTube.

In the springtime, I realized I had a couple ideas for slow, sad piano pieces. So I wrote them down and made a couple others for a booklet of depressing music. Presenting my greatest masterpiece: “Please Play These Pieces Instead Of Killing Yourself.” I have some demo recordings on Soundcloud, but they’re incomplete so I won’t link them here. The link takes you to the store page. One of these days I’ll have access to a good piano and make professional recordings, but until then you’ll have to trust me when I say that these are the greatest pieces ever written. Please.

Back in 2012, I worked with my mother on a kids’ show for a class she taught. Finally I finished a version of it. The show is “Camp Hope,” the story of a summer camp for junior high kids who all learn how to cope with growing pains without adult supervision. Basically Lord of the Flies with a good ending. I can’t think of any better way to describe it. Anyway, I’m not sure how to get this type of show, uh, produced, since there aren’t any New Works programs aimed at kids’ shows. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

Last summer I started writing essays on some philosophical struggles of mine. Very pretentious. Anyway, I eventually turned them into musical… performances?… with an accompanying narrative? It’s weird. I finished up literally on New Year’s Eve, so the videos will be ready for public consumption soon. I have no idea if they’re any good because I’ve never tried something this weird before. All I ask when the YouTube videos become available is that you shower me with uncritical adulation as I am very sensitive. Thank you.

Oh yeah, and there was one other project I did completely for fun out of nowhere! Penultimate Fantasy, the NES RPG which never existed! Basically it was a chance for me to write chiptunes in the style of Final Fantasy (and a bit of Dragon Quest), so I created this narrative of an Alternate Universe Video Game Music canon which featured this game, and then I made the soundtrack. It’s pretty short and I essentially did not prepare any of the tunes beforehand. I just composed them on the spot into Sibelius and went from there. I had fun with it so I’ll probably do more in 2019.

What’s in 2019?

Well, the aforementioned “Alternate Universe Video Game Music.” I’m already working on Penultimate Fantasy II, also an NES game. Then I want to try something with SNES soundfonts. We’ll see. PFII is my January project.

Then I want to write some classical music. I have a couple of school connections so maybe someone will think I’m great and perform some works intended for students. I’m thinking “Alternate Universe Classical Music,” and I’ll write a series of symphonies for strings, flutes/oboes, and horns, like the early Haydn/Mozart symphonies.

Back in 2011/2012 I had an idea for a show. Being straight out of college, I had no connections and so assumed it would not get performed, so I wrote it as a concept album. Again being straight out of college, I had no job and thus had time to finish it within 8 or so months. It was just a draft, and I promise you it was a great idea with some awful bits where I decided it was better to write something and fix it later. Well, 2019 is later, right? I’d love to find some time to finish it this year.

Considering I currently have only one contract which ends March, I’ll have plenty of time!

Hire me plz