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The Human Axioms

Okay, this project was a bit weird. It started out as some essays I wrote. One thing led to another and… you’ll just have to watch. Or you can listen to the extracted music on Spotify, or purchase it from Bandcamp.


Penultimate Fantasy (Alternate Universe Video Game Music)

This project started out with me goofing around at the piano and with a VST. Then I decided to compile all the ideas into this. Basically the way “Alternate Universe Video Game Music” works is that I pretend a game existed which didn’t, and then write its soundtrack. This soundtrack was generated pretty off-the-cuff and there’s not a ton of cohesion; I rip off both Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest NES games, seemingly at random. But you can listen to the soundtrack on YouTube or download from Bandcamp, all for free!


1. Theme from Penultimate Fantasy
2. Select a File
3. The Peaceful Village
4. On An Adventure
5. Battle Theme
6. Victory is Mine
7. All Aboard
8. Enter the Dungeon
9. A Piece of the Heart
10. All is Made Right


Camp Hope: An Original Musical

In 2012 I was the composer for a children’s musical performed by one junior high theatre class in Kirkland. It had its one performance and then it sat on my shelf. Then in 2018 I went back and re-edited it. Now there’s a complete version of the show. Until it gets any sort of circulation, however, the only way you can listen to the music is via my Bandcamp page.

Too much dithering?

Too much dithering?


Please Play These Pieces Instead of Killing Yourself

By the summer of 2018 I had a bunch of ideas in my back pocket. All of them were slow and sad tunes. I figured, why not just make a set of slow, sad tunes? Despite all having a similar emotion to convey, these pieces are all written in slightly different styles. In fact, this might be the most “art music” set I’ve made, in that for a couple of these pieces I genuinely didn’t care if they were, uh, pleasant to listen to. Then there are a couple of pop tunes. It’s all over the place.

Until I get professional recordings, you can listen to selections from the soundtrack on my SoundCloud. I don’t care for these versions but unless you’ve been lucky enough to hear me play these live this is the best you’ll do.


1. for when your life is going nowhere
2. for when you remember the good times you’ll never get back
3. for when you had a chance to be happy
4. for when you are empty
5. for when you have no one
6. for when no one hears your prayers
?. for when you think you finally have it figured out


Just Boxes and Switches OST (Alternate Universe Classical Music)

At the end of 2017 I started creating another video game project. This time I took a well-known game - Sokoban - and decided to see what I could do if I added one small twist and focused the game very narrowly on that twist. It’s not much, but it’s a nice attempt.

Edit 9/5/19: Originally you could download this game but it has been updated. Now I have a game called “Rainbow Sokoban” on This new game features additional music and includes the entire soundtrack of JBAS.

While this game also emulates retro styles, I decided this one would actually have a soundtrack. For this, I aimed for the “Mockingboard” sound card, or more specifically something with only three square waves available. Naturally, this worked well with a two-or-three-part invention kind of music. Thus, a soundtrack of twelve inventions in the baroque style. I have retroactively applied the label “Alternate Universe Classical Music,” as these pieces could believably have been written in the early 1700s, or so I imagine.

The soundtrack may be square waves, but I also made sheet music for the piano which you can play! Buy it at my store.


1. Gavotte in Cm
2. Sarabande in C#m
3. Courante in Dm
4. Musette in Ebm
5. Bouree in Em
6. Prelude in Fm
7. Polonaise in F#m
8. Minuet in Gm
9. Gigue in G#m
10. March in Am
11. Fugue in Bbm
12. Allemande in Bm