Just Boxes and Switches (Score)

Op 5 Front Cover.png
Op 5 Front Cover.png

Just Boxes and Switches (Score)


The soundtrack for a simple prototype I designed, arranged for piano. I probably put more effort into this music than into the game, but whatever. If you like baroque music, this is for you.

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Unofficially part of the “Alternate Universe Classical Music” series, but created specifically for a short video game project, this is a series of twelve two or three-part inventions. While the original soundtrack uses retro chiptune sounds (mimicking the Mockingboard sound card of the early 80s), all these pieces are playable on the piano. They are all at varying difficulty levels as well, from intermediate up.

Pieces include:

1. Gavotte in Cm
2. Sarabande in C#m
3. Courante in Dm
4. Musette in Ebm
5. Bouree in Em
6. Prelude in Fm
7. Polonaise in F#m
8. Minuet in Gm
9. Gigue in G#m
10. March in Am
11. Fugue in Bbm
12. Allemande in Bm

Link to the original soundtrack on YouTube.